VPS Hosting

Cloud VPS servers in high availability clusters are the best quality servers. VMware platform provides you with hardware virtualization for VPS servers. From the smallest VPS package, the server up to the highest level ensures the same quality. Each server is included in the HA cluster, which means automatically transferring your server to working equipment. It's all over you, join us too?

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G-SERVER VPS servers bring many benefits to your business. VPS hosting is currently on the rise and demands for quality services are growing with them. If you are subscribing to VPS hosting, the maintenance of the server is basically included. This means that you have basic maintenance already in the price and you do not have to worry about running maintenance problems. What is VPS hosting for you or your company?

  1. you need constant responsiveness,
  2. you have installed your own server applications,
  3. you need operating system customizations,
  4. your company or service grows / upgrades.
Our VPS hosting differs from others in how the virtual server uses system resources. Competitive products use LINUX KVM systems, which are cheaper and less reliable, and we use the paravirtualization environment for professional solutions. Still not sure? contact us and we will prepare you for the most appropriate solution!

  • Own server
  • Premium accessibility
  • Security

  • Flexibility
  • Regular check of performance
  • Location in Slovenia

  • Competitive advantage due to HA
  • Dynamically customize your hardware to your requirements
  • Professional administration and support

Clustered IBM X and Lenovo servers


A simple double-security field


VmWare is a professional virtualization monitoring system

Piggy Bank

Pleasant offer where you save


Professional Backup Software


All equipment is separated from other providers in the collocation

CD Disc

Own collars in collocation and separate 2 x 10 Gbit / s connection


Separate firewall for system monitoring