Terms of business and security policy

Terms of service and security policy

1. Article: General provisions

Services G-server, doo (hereinafter referred to as the tenderer) comprise market services that are permanently performed by the provider for the purpose of public activity, in accordance with the Statute and the operating guidelines of the provider. General terms and conditions govern the provision of marketing services. The conditions and the manner of provision of services are determined by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Slovenia.

When ordering a service, the user must agree to the terms of use. Otherwise, the order can not be executed. When the user continues with the service order, it is considered that he fully agrees with the terms of use. Users can read the terms of use on our web pages.

We reserve the right to periodically add or we change the terms of use, which is marked with the date of the change. The date is always displayed at the end of the terms of use.

2. Article: Stothe tenderer to whom the terms of use apply

The services of the provider to which the terms of use relate are the following:

· Web hosting

· Domain registration

· Consulting

· Maintenance of servers

· Web programming

3. Article: Payments, check-out, pricelist

· All prices on websites already include 22% VAT. Price list valid from 29.9.2010.

· The prices of the service providers are listed in the valid price list, which is publicly available on the provider's website. The bidder reserves the right to change the valid price list. The price changes will be notified to the subscribers on the web pages. If the subscriber uses the services of the provider even after the change in the price list has been notified, it is assumed that he agrees with them.

· An advance payment is required for the use of services for the selected period. The payment information will be sent to the subscriber's contact email address. The ordered services will be provided when we receive a remittance. certificate of successful deposit. The invoice will be sent to the owner of the user interface, that is, the information you enter when ordering, and will be sent by regular mail.

· A certified order is considered as a subscription contract. A validated order is available to the subscriber on the service page http://servis.g-server.com/.

· All payments are non-refundable unless the tenderer decides otherwise.

· The Bidder reserves the right to suspend seven (30) days after the expiration of the invoiced billing for the leased period of service, in so far as it does not receive payment or confirmation that the service has been paid. After the expiration of fourteen (14) days, the service shall be permanently and definitively terminated without any prior notice or warning.

· Web hosting is ordered for the 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, or 8 months. until cancelation. Any evacuation must be notified to the e-mail provider in writing at least XNUMX days before the expiration of the subscription, otherwise the open bid in the user interface must be settled

· If the service is already paid and has already been acquired by the user, the money is not returned, except in the case of a justified complaint (in the case of a written complaint, etc.).

· If there is a change in the data specified in the subscriber contract, the subscriber is obliged to notify the provider of the change of data at the latest in 8 (eight) days after the change occurred. The customer must change all the information through the user pages.

· The customer is allowed access to services only after receiving payment to the SKB SKB Bank.

· If the client does not have settled primary obligations, the new transfers from this title are firstly considered to be good due liabilities.

· The contracting authority agrees that the service contract and the terms and conditions of use apply to the subscription contract.

· The subscriber agrees to settle the subscribed services within 8 working days, as after the expiration of this deadline, the provider may delete subscribed services from the order list and activate the canceled system.

- All prices already include VAT, which is additionally displayed during the order.

4. Article: Rights and obligations of the contracting authority

Unsubscribe - online services:

The contracting authority shall have the right to notify the provider (at the contact email: info@g-server.com) within fifteen (15) days after the conclusion of the contract for leasing a web space or VPS server (date of entry into force: Article 3) to resign of the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision. For VpS hosting before activation, we need to transfer to TRR for server setup. The amount is not refundable for VPS hosting, as the user irrevocably confirms the service for one (1) month through payment. We only accept electronic requests for unsubscription via the user environment.

Unsubscribe from the subscription to lease .si web domains:

The Contracting Authority shall have the right to notify the provider (at the contact email: info@g-server.com) within fourteen (14) days of the subscription for the lease of the .si web domain (date of entry into force: Article 3) to withdraw from of the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision, as stated in http://www.arnes.si/domene/dokumenti.html - 12.1 Article.

- The refund will be made as soon as possible, and at the latest within the 30 days after receipt of the cancellation message. Returns of payments are made to the TRR customer. The refund of money on the TRR customer is 12,20 €. The amount covers transaction costs and manipulative costs. The refund rate applies to all services (per transaction).

- Other clauses.

Refund of cash to TRR customer - 7,00 eur

Costs for restarting roaming - 12,20 eur

The cost of resending your e-invoice - 3,00 eur

Costs of manual domain registration after the expiration of quarantine - 5,00 eur

The contracting authority undertakes to settle all the charges incurred within the deadline.

- The client fully understands and agrees with the general terms and conditions for other domains that are published on the site https://www.enom.com/terms/default.asp.

· The provider's services must be used in accordance with the instructions for use published by the provider.

· Unauthorized or unauthorized use of the server

· Over-exploitation of server capabilities (cpu, ram, hard drive ...)

· To use additional software modules, the subscriber must obtain a certificate of suitability from the provider

· Excessive sending of e-mail

· Sending emails to random addresses (spam)

· Using the server for malicious purposes (writing outside the "home" folder, overloading the server components, misusing the IP address, web proxy access for the broader crowd, other software that publicly grants access to the server or IP services ...)

· Bulk sending of emails is allowed in 30 mode - 10 seconds of pause.

· Bulk sending E-messages via E-client in 50 mode - 20 seconds of pause.

· The activation of the CRON script must be tested and not intended for test or other purposes.

· The quantity of sent emails should not exceed 3.000 messages in 24 hours.

· If the amount of messages is greater, the subscriber must apply for sending via g-posta.si.
- Safe mode (php) is turned off means that the user himself is responsible for intruding into his user account, since the risk of intrusion with this function in the case of bad software is greater.
- The torrent website or any web content that causes excessive server load is not allowed.

· Provider provides users with a free DNS record for domains hosted on g-server.com servers or with third-party providers. The provider does not provide or verify the correctness of free DNS records that are targeted at third-party or third-party VPS servers.

· The service provider, which is free of charge, does not provide a verification of the operation of the services or the accuracy of the services.

· The user undertakes to take care of the VPS server as a good master and at the same time be responsible for all the related violations.

· The customer understands that for online use of mail and dashboard on his / her personal computer, firewall activated port 81.

· The contracting authority agrees that the provider may monitor online content for the sake of system security.

· The subscriber agrees to transfer all data to G-SERVER.COM immediately after activating the account at his own expense.

· By purchasing a web space, the Client undertakes to change the DNS settings that are set for the normal operation of the web domain, insofar as this domain is not registered with G-SERVER doo

· Rules and regulations, in particular those relating to the protection of copyright, should be taken into account.

· The contracting authority undertakes not to publish content that is contrary to the applicable law of the Republic of Slovenia.

· The Client undertakes to keep the passwords assigned to him by the provider as a business secret. The Client is liable for damages if the password is used by an unauthorized third party. Any costs incurred due to abuse shall be borne by the contracting authority. Further sale of parts of leased space without prior agreement.

· The bidder is not liable for any irregularities or unlawfulness that might arise from the client's inadequate equipment or behavior.

· The contracting authority fully understands and agrees to be able to order a domain transfer only if it is the domain owner, if it has access to an administrative email address, if you have an EPP authorization key and if the domain has been registered for at least another 10 days.

· A subscriber of an online domain with an .SI extension may be a natural or legal person.
· The customer of online international domains may be a natural or legal person.
· The contracting authority is obliged to check the extension of domains for the paid year / s and inform the provider of the error
· The contracting authority is obliged to update the contact details (email, tel, fax, contact person)

· The contracting authority undertakes not to publish content that may harm third parties (torrents).

· The legal entity must indicate in the order the parent and tax number.

4A. Article: Registration and transfer of .SI and .COM web domains (other international domains)

The Client fully agrees with all the terms and conditions on the websites below.


5. Article: Rights and obligations of the provider

· Ensure the smooth functioning of the server / servers, promptly and timely update the software, inform the subscriber about important updates on g-server.com pages, correct the errors that occur as soon as possible, provide data security at the server level

· The Service Provider will not be liable for loss of information, service interruption or any loss of or loss of information that has occurred under the fault of a third party or events that are not under his control.

· It is not responsible for the content and format of the information published on the Internet.

· Reserves the right of the client to request the withdrawal of information and services or in any other way restrict access to them if they could be controversial or harmful to the provider or contrary to the general moral norms or laws of the Republic of Slovenia.

· Allow the provider to use the data contained in the subscription contract for the internal purposes of the organization and administration, informing and profiling subscribers and market research for internal purposes.

· The Bidder is obliged to inform the Client of the reasons for temporarily or permanently disabling the use of the services of the Bidder. In the event of a permanent or temporary disabling of the use of services, the subscriber shall not be entitled to reimburse the subscription or to compensate for the damage that he or she would have suffered directly or indirectly through the exclusion.

· The Bidder is obliged to inform the Client of the reasons for temporarily or permanently disabling the use of the services of the Bidder. In the event of a permanent or temporary disabling of the use of services, the subscriber shall not be entitled to reimburse the subscription or to compensate for the damage that he or she would have suffered directly or indirectly through the exclusion.

6. Article: Transferring a relationship to a third party

· A contracting entity that is a natural person can transfer a subscription to a member of the family or another person who lives with him in a common household.

· If a subscriber who is a legal entity ceases to exist due to the transformation, dissolution, merger or association, and other status changes, the subscription relationship is transferred to the legal entity that is the legal successor of the client.

· If a subscriber who is a natural person dies, the subscription relationship is transferred to a person determined by members of his / of the total household, or to his legal heir.

· The provider must be notified of these events within the time limit and in the manner specified in 8. of these general terms.

7. Article: Unilateral interruption of the relationship

· According to 4. Article

· If the customer causes technical disturbances

· If the client disables or hinders normal work from other subscribers

· If the customer attempts to break the security systems of the provider's system or any other system

· If a subscriber attempts in any way to access data for which he is not authorized

· If the client does not pay to the provider his / obligations arising from a subscription or any other contract, relationship or criminal measure

· If the contracting authority does not comply with the general conditions and principles and existing legislation

· If the subscriber does not report changes to the data according to 8. of these general terms

· If the contracting authority provides the provider with false, false or misleading information

8. Article

· The Tenderer may change his general terms of business, and he must inform the Client about this. If a subscriber uses the services of the provider even after the change has been notified, it is assumed that he agrees with them. A subscriber who, under changed conditions, no longer wishes to retain a subscription, can terminate it within the time limit and in the manner defined in the subscriber contract.

9. Article - notification

· The contracting authority agrees with the general terms and conditions that all contact e-mail addresses of the subscriber may be used by the provider to send e-mails (notices, campaigns, offers),
· The general contracting authority agrees to inform the provider of the changes and enter them into the user environment,
· The provider will only use the contact information for internal use. The use of a third party shall be subject to the law on the protection of personal data.

10. Article - Disputes

· Potential disputes are resolved by agreement between the parties. If this is not possible, the court in Kranj is competent.


Our company G-SERVER doo is paying more attention to your data security. The new GPDR (General Data Protection Regulaton) Act, which exclusively attaches great importance to the processing of personal data in the EU, is in use. Our Privacy, Safety, and Terms of Business policy defines the main topics, how we handle your personal information, how we store it, and for what purposes it is used.

The update of the document is always published at the end of the respective website (subpages)


The basis for data processing is a contract between us and the subscriber, which the user confirms before ordering each service. Without this confirmation, the user can not continue the order.

We collect your personal information for a service order:
- rental of services in a predetermined period (advance payment),
- a new registration or transfer of a domain to us / or a change of the owner
- slander the SSL certificate
- order service for which we are active as an intermediary (GPDR in all partners arranged)

Other conditions for collecting data are:
- domain registration through our reseller or resellers
- e-mail, advertising network, cookies, other advertising technologies,
- communication channels with partners and suppliers,

What are your personal data stored and processed?

In order to provide top-class services to users, we can process your information exclusively within your company: Surname, Name, Address, Postal Code, Post, Business Object, GSM, ID, Tax ID, TRR Account, TRR Transfers, IP Address, Leased Services at us. We get information only through our online forms, visiting our business premises or through our partners. At the same time, all data is always visible through access through the user interface where the user can also change the 24 / 7 data.

The purpose of using data

Your data can be used for purposes other than leased services
- rental of services for a pre-selected period from the user's side,
- registering a new domain, transferring a domain with us, or changing a domain owner
- Order an SSL certificate or security ID,
- a service contract for which we are an intermediary or for a service that is ordered from our business partners or intermediaries,
- maintaining a complete and accurate database of subscribers that are linked to leased services in our company

All data help us exclusively in terms of internal data processing needs and communication with the end user insofar as this need arises. Communication is also necessary in case of security problems related to the user's access to servers or third-party services. Because the validation of the contract and the general terms of distance, we reserve the right to use your personal information for cases:
- communication for the maintenance of the contract,
- security notices,
- protection of rights,
- marketing, upgrading or other company notices
- sending offers and invoices


- Data processing is required to ensure compliance with your legal obligations that we have as a provider or service agent
- contract manager: on your behalf and for you, we register a domain name or certificate through our business partner, which has a GPDR
- contracted processor: with us, you have leased hosting or server services where you store your personal information or business data
- processing in these cases may be necessary for the performance of your service contract concluded with our company
- processing is necessary to protect our legal interests or interests related to the company's current business (data security, security of your users, infrastructure - physical and digital)
- In exceptional cases, we may also process your personal information with your consent


We do not sell your data in any way and have never been in the past.

The information you provide to us through our websites, e-mail, telephone or other communication channel will be protected and will not be provided to anyone except in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service in the case of a service order, which we offer as an intermediary and is ordered by our business partner (for you, on your behalf and for the subscribed period).

Your request for a personal data change will only be granted if you provide us with certain proofs of identity (ID or company document). If you have access to the user interface, you can do this yourself

Your personal information may, if permitted by applicable law, disclose to the following parties, but not limited to:

  • Providers of identity verification or anti-abuse services.
  • The company that takes care of our accounting and bookkeeping.

When your personal information is transmitted to the recipient, our efforts are handled by our users.


If the request from your site is not considered inappropriate according to the regulation, you can exercise the following rights
- information concerning your personal information,
- You may request a copy of your personal information,
- request a copy of your personal information,
- change your information if they are incorrect,
- in certain circumstances, limit the storage of your data,
- limit the activity of use,
- withdrawal of consent,
- request, under certain conditions, the deletion of data,
- all of the above requirements can only be sent via the user interface for security and data protection,

At our own discretion, you may be charged a fee insofar as your request is inappropriate and does not comply with GPDR.

If you believe that the processing of personal data is not in accordance with the applicable law, please clearly inform us through the user interface.
We are also always available for questions about protecting your personal information!


The information you provided to us voluntarily is kept:
- in electronic form in our data centers, which are adequately security protected with limited access. Only authorized person in our company / server administrators, contractors / IBM / Lenovo,
- every access to the data center is recorded with / date and time of arrival, departure time, personally with an identification card
- We do not store data on the company's location for security reasons!
- data is available to third parties where domain registration, accounting service or SSL certificate providers take place)

Access to the data stored on our infrastructure is provided solely by server administrators and, exceptionally, by our consent, our online support. Data is accessed exclusively via a VPN connection that is encrypted or via Internet routes serving the purpose (FTP accesses)
Your data is kept in a format that allows identification as long as it takes for personal data to be processed. The period of data stored varies according to the purpose of the application
- personal data of individuals kept outside the scope of general terms or conditions; contracts until the date they are no longer relevant,
- personal information about you or registered domain registrars shall be kept until 10 (ten) years after the materiality expires,
- personal information about you in our company is kept as long as they are important or to your request for deletion, if it is justified, the same applies to services ordered through providers / intermediaries,

We use the most advanced technology in the company to protect your data. In addition to the highest level of authentication, up to date updating and upgrading servers. We also demand that our users take advantage of these functions and ensure that personal data is protected from abuse.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR REGISTRATION DOMEN UNDER DOMINO .si In 2.1, publishing 14. 6. 2006, validity from 14. 7. 2006


1.1.S The general terms and conditions for the registration of domains under the .si domain name (hereinafter referred to as "General Terms and Conditions") govern all legal relationships between Arnes and interested parties regarding registration and other domain transactions under the .si domain name domain. The procedures under the General Conditions do not have the character of an administrative procedure and are not subject to the rules of the Administrative Procedure Act.

1.2. The main part of these General Terms is also the Rules for the Alternative Domain Name Resolution Procedure under the .si domain (ARDS Rules).


In the General Terms, the terms used are used when nothing else appears from the text, the following meaning: 2.1. "Arnes" is a public institution established by the Decree establishing (Ur.l. RS, no. 23 / 92) and the Decision establishing (Ur.l. RS, no. 38 / 02), which is an authorized domain name registration organization under the .si domain name and the .si domain name system management. 2.2. "Domain" means the domain directly below the top .si domain. 2.3. "Registrar" is an entity that has a contract with Arnes, which grants him the right to register and renew domain registration on behalf of his clients and to perform other transactions in accordance with the general terms and conditions. 2.4. "Beneficiary" is an entity that is eligible for the acquisition of a domain. 2.5. "Applicant" is an entity that files an application for registering a domain through the registry. 2.6 The "carrier" is the entity to which the domain is assigned. 2.7. "Rules of the ARDS procedure" are the Rules for the Alternative Domain Name Resolution Procedure under the .si domain name, which form part of these General Terms. 2.8. "Domain registration system under .si" is a client-server system developed by Arnes in accordance with international standards and based on the EPP protocol. 3. BENEFICIARIES TO THE DOMAIN UNDER THE PENSION. Under registration of a domain under the national top-level domain .si are eligible (hereinafter referred to as beneficiaries): 3.1. Business entities with registered office in Slovenia, entered in the Business Register of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES). 3.2. The main branches of foreign business entities active in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are registered in the Business Register of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES). 3.3.Diplomatic and consular representations of foreign countries in Slovenia. 3.4 International organizations of which the Republic of Slovenia is a member. 4. DOMAINED DOMAINS POD .SI The domain is a string of characters that must meet the following requirements: 4.1. The characters allowed are letters of the English alphabet (AZ), with no difference between lowercase and uppercase letters, digits (0-9), and "-" connect). 4.2. The first and last character must not be a hyphen; the string must contain at least one letter. 4.3.Niz should not have two links in the third and fourth place. 4.4.The length of the string can be from 3 to 63 characters. 4.5.Niz may not be the same as already registered domains under the .si top-level domain. 4.6.Niz must not be the same as one of the existing top-level domains (com, int, org, net, edu, museum, info, biz, name, coop, mil). 4.7.For the needs of the registry, reserved domains are dns.si, nic.si, internic.si, whois.si, register.si, registry.si, domain.si, das.si, ards.si. 4.8.For the ENUM register, reserved domain enum.si. Arnes registers domains only to beneficiaries in the order of receiving a complete application (the "first come, first served" principle). The application is deemed to be accepted when Arnes' domain registration server pod.si. accepts it from the registrar. The application is complete if it contains all the required information (domain, holder, administrative and technical contact person) and is in accordance with the General Terms. All incomplete applications are discarded. Each beneficiary can be the holder of a maximum of 20 domains. As the holder of rights and obligations, the holder is responsible for ensuring that the domain is in compliance with the public and legal order and does not interfere with the constitutional and legal rights of third parties. The Registrar is obliged as an expert to warn the holder if he considers that the domain is contrary to the public and legal order and interferes with the constitutional and legal rights of third parties. 5. STATUS DOMEN 5.1. "Registered"; domain is registered if it is registered in the registered domain database under .si. If there are pointers on top DNS server for .si, the domain is active, but otherwise it is inactive. 5.2. "Blocked"; the domain is blocked if it is registered and an Alternative Domain Name Dispute Resolution or litigation procedure is underway for this domain. Domains that are blocked can not be transferred to another carrier. 5.3. "In Quarantine"; the domain is quarantined if it is registered, but Arnes has, according to the General Conditions, retrieved the cursors to domain servers for this domain from the top DNS server for .si (the domain can not be used online, but is not yet available for registration by others beneficiaries). During the duration of the quarantine status (30 days), the following transactions are permitted: · extension of domain registration; · Transferring a domain to another medium and · Replacing a registry. Each of these transactions stops the "quarantined" status of the domain and returns it to the "registered" status. If the domain remains quarantined for 30 days, Arnes will delete it from the registered domain name under .si and be available for registration by other beneficiaries. 6. REGISTRATION AND RENEWAL OF DOMAIN REGISTRATION POD .SI Registration and renewal of domain registration is done exclusively through registrars. Registration of the domain 6.1. The domain registration is performed in accordance with these general terms and conditions based on the application of the applicant, who is provided by the Registrar in the prescribed manner through the system for registering domains under .si. 6.2. If the conditions in Chapters 3 and 4 are met and the Registrar paid Arnes a registration fee (including maintenance for the first year), Arnes registers the domain to the applicant who on that basis becomes the holder of the domain. Extension of domain registration 6.3. The domain name is registered for a period of one year. The registration may be extended before the expiry of the annual maintenance fee. 6.4.Registration of the domain is renewed on the basis of a timely received request for one year from the date of registration (not from the date of receipt of the request for extension), and the annual maintenance fee is charged by the Arnesian registrar. 6.5.If Arnes does not receive a renewal request from the registrar, he receives a quarantine status that lasts 30 days on the day the domain expires, and then the domain is deleted from the registered domain database. 6.6.If the domain "in quarantine" is extended registration or the replacement of the registrar or transferring the domain to another carrier, the quarantine status is interrupted and the one-year registration period begins with the registration day of the domain registration, not the day the transaction was carried out. 7. OTHER TRANSACTIONS Change of 7.1 data. The domain registrar is obliged to inform the registrar of any changes in his / her data (address, contact person, telephone, fax, etc.). The Registrar is obliged, in an agreed manner, to ensure that Arnes always has the correct information about the domain holders. Arnes does not charge the Data Change Registrar. To delete a domain from the registered domains under .si, Arnes deletes a domain from the registered domain name under .si domain in the following cases: 7.2.In the end of the registration (see Renewal of domain registration). 7.3. At the request of the registrar. If Arnes receives the registry's request for deletion of the domain, he shall inform the holder thereof by e-mail. If, on 8 days from the date Arnes sent the notification, Arnes receives a confirmation of the domain name holder that he agrees with the deletion, the registration will expire on that date. The domain gets a quarantine status that lasts 30 days, then the domain is deleted from the registered domain database. 7.4. On the basis of a final court decision. 7.5. Based on the ARDS decision. 7.6.In case of violation of the General Terms. If the holder violates the general conditions, and in particular when it proves that the information on the institution is untrue, Arnes informs the holder and registrar by e-mail that the domain will receive the status "in quarantine" within the 14 days, insofar as the violation does not will be eliminated. It is considered that the registrar and the institution received the warning if it was sent to the official e-mail address. If the violations were not remedied in 30 days from the date the domain was quarantined, the domain was deleted from the registered domains under .si domain. Replacement of the 7.7 registrar. If the holder chooses a new registrar, he will send a request for replacement of the registrar according to the prescribed procedure to Arnes. Arnes informs the holder via e-mail. The replacement of the registrar will be carried out if the holder in the 8 days from the date Arnes sends the notification, affirmatively responds. If Arnes does not receive the carrier's response in 8 days, Arnes informs the prospective registrar and waits for confirmation for 8 days, then stops the process and informs the registrar that initiated the swap procedure. Transferring a domain to another carrier 7.8. At the request of the carrier; if the institution wants to transfer the domain to another institution, the registrar of the prospective institution, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, sends a request to the Arnes for the transfer of the domain to the future institution. Arnes informs the current and future carrier of the received transfer request by e-mail. Arnes must receive a confirmation of the current and future carrier in the 8 days from the date they were notified of the dispatch to carry out the transfer. If Arnes does not receive both acknowledgment in 8 days, Arnes informs the registrar of the future holder and confirms the next 8 days. If at the same time he does not receive both approvals, he stops the procedure and informs both registrars thereof. 7.9.According to the decision of the ARDS procedure or the final court decision; if Arnes receives the decision of the ARDS procedure on the transfer of a domain to another institution or a final court decision, the transfer is carried out insofar as the General Conditions are met. 8. PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION AND ANNUAL MAINTENANCE 8.1.Registrar, acting on behalf of the applicant / holder, must pay Arnes the initial cost of registering the domain and the annual maintenance fee in accordance with the provisions of the agreement between the Registrar and Arnes. 8.2.Arnes is not responsible for the possible consequences of the failure to register or the annual maintenance of the registrar, which may result in a refusal to register, a domain registration or domain registration to another applicant; even in the case where the institution paid the costs to the registrar. (If the Registrar Arnes does not pay the registration, the application is rejected and the domain may be registered to another applicant. If the Registrar Arnes does not pay the annual maintenance fee in due time, the domain will be registered and can be registered by another applicant after 30 days.) 8.3.With the day the successfully completed procedure is described under point 7.7. (replacement of the registrar), the Arnes registrar in accordance with point 8.1. of these General Terms and Conditions charges annually the maintenance of the domain and the domain has been registered for one year from that date, regardless of the date of registration with the previous registrar. From the day the process is successfully performed, described under 7.8. or 7.9. (transferring a domain to another carrier), the Arnes registrar in accordance with point 8.1. of these General Terms and Conditions charges the domain registration and the domain has been registered for one year from that date, irrespective of the date of registration of the previous institution. If the domain registration expires during the process itself, the one-year registration period begins to run from the date of expiration. The institution and the registrar do not have the right to claim partial refund of the registration fee or the cost of annual maintenance, if the procedure was from 7.7., 7.8. or 7.9. performed before the domain registration expires. 8.4. In the event that Arnes deletes the domain in accordance with these General Rules prior to the expiry of the domain registration, the institution and the registrar are not entitled to refund part of the registration fee or the cost of the annual maintenance fee. 9. OFFICIAL ELECTRONIC TITLE When registering a domain, the registrar must indicate the working electronic address of the institution. Arnes and the bearer are obliged to use that e-mail address for all official intercommunication. With the help of its registrar, the holder is obliged to ensure that Arnes always has a working electronic address. Otherwise, the carrier violates the General Terms and Conditions and Arnes can take the domain from him. Where General Conditions require the approval of a carrier, it is sufficient to confirm in electronic form, except in cases expressly required otherwise. 10. ROLE OF REGISTRAR 10.1.Registering and extension of domain registration takes place exclusively through registrars. G-SERVER doo the web domain registrar is approved. The Registrar acts on behalf of the applicant / holder. Arnes published a sample contract between Arnes and the registrar on his home pages. Arnes is not a party to a business agreement between the domain name holder and the registrar. 10.2.Registrar has direct access to Arnes 'domain registration system, in which it can check the status of their clients' domains. The Registrar is responsible for informing domain holders in a timely manner of the validity of their domains. 10.3.If the agreement between the registrar and Arnes ceases to apply, the 15 registrar has a period of time to request that Arnes transfer some or all of his client's domains to another registrar. In this case, it is obliged to notify all affected parties of the transfer, and Arnes must receive a document proving that the domain registrar accepts the agreement (contract, written statement ...). Transferring Arnes domains charges an old registrar with a valid pricelist. In this case, the date of the registration of the downloaded domain does not change. 10.4. If, on 15 days after the expiration of the contract with Arnes, the domain registrar did not hand over the domains of his clients to another registrar, Arnes shall notify e-mails to the domain registrar that the registrar has registered on their behalf that, at the latest until the domain registration takes place, on their behalf will extend the domain registration. The procedure for selecting a new registrar is described in point 7.7. these general terms and conditions. If the domain name holder does not select a new registrar until the registration is completed, the domain will be deleted from the registered domain database in accordance with the general terms of the domain. 10.5. The domain name holder has the right to choose any registrar or until the selected registrar is replaced. 11. ARNES AS REGISTER Arnes can act as registrar for domain registration only for beneficiaries / bearers who are ARNES users. The other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions apply mutatis mutandis for registration. 12. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA 12.1. The agent authorizes Arnes to collect and use personal and other data necessary for the functioning of the domain space under .si and any other reasonable needs arising out of these General Terms. 12.2.Arnes can only use the acquired data for the operation of the DNS system and may only pass it on to third parties in case of a court order or initiating the alternative dispute resolution procedure (point 16 of the general conditions). 12.3. The agent is obliged to ensure that Arnes is informed of any changes in contact information (telephone, fax, address, e-mail address, change of name ...) through the registrar. Otherwise, Arnes can erase the domain. 12.4. The lawyer allows Arnes to publicly publish the following information in order to ensure a stable and transparent operation of the DNS through the WHOIS server on the Internet: · name, address, telephone and fax carrier; · The electronic address of the technical contact person; · Data on the registrar; · Domain registration date and domain status. 13. DECLARATION OF THE APPLICANT / AUTHORITY The Registrar, in the contract with Arnes, guarantees and declares that he has obtained a valid statement from the applicant / institution in written form submitted by the applicant at the moment of submission of the application for registration of the domain, in which he declares that: · he / she is acquainted with the General terms of business for registering domains under the .si top-level domain, published at http://www.arnes.si/domene/plosnipogoji/ and obligated to follow them; · that it is especially aware of the possibility of deleting a domain, as foreseen by the General conditions, · all the information given in the application for domain registration is true, so Arnes is not obliged to verify the truth or the facts. the existence of such data; · that the domain does not conflict with the public and legal order and does not interfere with the constitutional and legal rights of third parties; · that it has acquired and kept in writing the consent of the persons mentioned in the application as "administrative and technical contact person" that Arnes may publish all their data in a database publicly accessible through the WHOIS server (http://www.arnes.si/whois.html), and Arnes is not obliged to report data on persons who will obtain data from this database, · in relation to third parties, to fulfill all the obligations arnes arising in connection with domain registration. The statement is valid, insofar as all the conditions from the previous paragraph are given. The Registrar undertakes to verify for each domain the identity of the applicant and the identity of the persons empowered to represent the applicant. If any of the applicants has not made a valid statement in accordance with this article, Arnes may delete the domain in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. A declaration under this Article shall be kept by the registrar, who shall be obliged to submit it to Arnes upon his request. 14. ARNES 'RESPONSIBILITY AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Arnes guarantees that he will carry out the registration in accordance with international recommendations in the domain of registration of domains and, with the care of a good expert, ensures the quality of his services. Arnes is not liable for any damage, directly or indirectly, arising in connection with the registration or use of a domain under .si or in connection with the use of Arnes' software tools or websites, nor for any damage resulting from technical problems, or acts of the registrar, resulting in a failure to register or withdraw a domain. Any disputes concerning the General Conditions of Registration or registration of domains that will not be resolved by mutual agreement will be settled before the competent court in Ljubljana. Holder signing a statement after 13. at the same time, the General Conditions clause agrees to the above agreement on the territorial jurisdiction of the court in Ljubljana (Art. 69 ZPP). 15. CHANGE OF GENERAL CONDITIONS AND RULES FOR REGISTRATION 15.1. The terms of the applicable General Terms and Conditions are binding on all parties entering into legal relationships with Arnes. It is considered that the Applicant is aware of the General Terms and Conditions of the ARDS procedure and agrees to do so if he submits the application for domain registration or registration. it shall be filed on its behalf by a registrar. It is considered that the Registrar is acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions, if he signs a contract with Arnes to carry out the registrations. Third parties are deemed to have been acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions, if they initiate an alternative dispute resolution procedure. 15.2.If Arnes accepts a change to the rules, General terms, pricing, or procedures for registering domains, they must publicly publish them online 30 days before they enter into force. Applications will always be considered in accordance with the current General Conditions. 15.3. In the event that a change in the rules or procedures for registering domains is necessary for the technical execution of the registration, Arnes may exceptionally apply the change at the time of publication on the web. Arnes can apply this exception if it is justified in a national or international technical context. 15.4.Arnes is not obliged to notify applicants / holders whose applications for domain name registration under .si have in the past been denied that the rules have changed, even if, after changing the rules, the registration of these domains could be possible. 16. PRINCIPLES OF ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION FOR DOMESTIC DISPUTES (ARDS PRINCIPLES) 16.1. Commitment to the ARDS 16.1.1 procedure. In accordance with the Rules of the ARDS procedure, a dispute may be initiated by a third party claiming that the registered domain infringes its right when the conditions set out in Article 16.2 are met. 16.1.2. The domain name holder agrees to resolve the dispute in accordance with the Dispute Settlement Principles and the ARDS Rules of Procedure in all cases where a dispute is initiated against him in accordance with the preceding article. 16.1.3. The domain owner and the complainant will observe any decision taken in the ARDS procedure. This provision is without prejudice to their right to judicial protection in accordance with the Constitution and the law. 16.2.Terms for triggering the ARDS 16.2.1 process. A third party claiming that a registered domain infringes its right may initiate the ARDS procedure only in cases where it simultaneously asserts: · that the domain of the institution is identical or interchangeably similar to its trade mark in force in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia or to companies, as evidenced by the judicial a registry in the Republic of Slovenia, violates its copyright under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, a registered geographical indication to which it is entitled under the law of the Republic of Slovenia, or encroaches on its rights on a personal behalf under the law of the Republic of Slovenia or in another of its rights, which is recognized in the legal the Republic of Slovenia; · That the holder has no legitimacy or legally recognized interest in the domain; and · the domain is registered or used in bad faith. 16.2.2. The third party can not initiate the ARDS procedure if it does not claim all the elements from the previous paragraph. The third person may also intervene in court proceedings in connection with such disputes or agree on a different way of resolving the dispute with the holder. 16.3. The Ards 16.3.1 Arbitration Tribunal. The arbitral tribunal shall decide that the domain shall be deleted or transferred to the complainant only if it finds that the conditions for initiating the ARDS procedure referred to in Article 16.2 are in fact fulfilled. 16.3.2. The tribunal may decide to transfer the domain to the complainant only if the complainant himself fulfills the conditions for registering the domain specified in 3. Article. In the event that the disputed domain is identical with the reputation mark (the word mark) and the complainant does not fulfill the conditions for registering a domain, the complainant may appoint an entity that meets the conditions of 3. the domain to which the domain is transferred. 16.3.3. The tribunal is in assessing whether the conditions of Article 16.2 are. fulfilled, free and not bound by any rules of evidence. It may use any legal rules, principles or practices that it considers relevant insofar as this is in accordance with public policy in the Republic of Slovenia. 16.4. Responsibility 16.4.1. The arbitrators, the administrator, the president of the arbitration tribunal, the registrar or any of their assistants, employees or other persons affiliated with it, or the parties or third parties are not liable for any act or omission in the proceedings which caused the damage, unless the damage was caused by criminal or offense. 16.4.2. The arbitrators, the administrator, the president of the tribunal, the registrar, or any of their assistants, employees or other related persons, are not liable to the parties or third parties for the content of the decisions taken in the proceedings.

DATE OF CHANGES: 23.5.2018

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