Choosing a domain is the first step before choosing a web hosting service

Register a domain

Register your own domain before someone registers it for you! Our company allows registration of all major domain extensions, so the choice of web domains is quick and easy. Check your free domains through the search engine on the site and take advantage of the options offered by our Domain Registration wizard. Registration of a web domain is the basis for a quality and efficient website.

Domain Pricelist

It's important to select the right domain! In the case of starting a business or brand, it is important to carefully select a domain that will reflect and recognize your business. This will give you a quick visibility for your future customers and business partners. The most recognizable domain .si in Slovenia is not the only one. We recommend. to register at least the online .com and .EU domain to ensure stability. By registering a domain you will ensure that competition will not have to copy or represent your business false offers. Each domain registration also brings:

  • an advanced interface where you edit all the parameters of the web domain,
  • support for users,
  • free DNS hosting,
  • free use of cloudflare technology
  • benefits for more domains.

Domain Name Registration

Do not have your own domain yet?

Important information should be carefully guarded. It is also important information that you enter into the web domain itself. If you are concerned that your information is visible in the WHOIS database, we have a solution for you. Take advantage buying WHOIS Data Protection, which protects you from unauthorized copying of your data from the publicly accessible WHOIS database. The protection is easy to select registration of a web domain.

Extension domain

Do you want to extend your domain?

Transfer domain

You can download the domain to us and ensure that all services are managed in one place.

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