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Soon to the will of even better web hosting capabilities with unlimited possibilities.

Go with us in unlimited, advanced and active hosting!

  • unlimited mailbox size
  • unlimited number of mailboxes
  • unlimited number of databases
  • unlimited pinned domains (subdomain
  • unlimited domen
  • free installation of let's encrypt certificate
  • free WordPress applications, Joomla, OpenCart,
  • the backup included in the space
  • advanced enterprise IBM / Lenovo RAID10 data field
  • the latest protection for FTPS, HTTPS, SPOP3, IMAP

Working on holidays at

Dear users,

Due to collective holidays and festive days, the company's business hours are as follows.

  • the last two Saturdays in the month 22.12 and 29.12 - OPEN
  • the last two Mondays in the month 24.12 and 31.12 - CLOSED

Please consider the flows of your services, depending on the working days, and settle the outstanding obligations early.

thank you for understanding and happy 2019!

Upgrades to roaming and connections in year 2019

VPS hosting on powerful hardware

VPS hosting is now accessible and even faster than you think!

You are probably wondering about web hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers? In recent years, G-SERVER has been investing heavily in the development of online systems and the purchase of state-of-the-art hardware and software.

VPS servers with ever-increasing virtualization technology make it possible to reduce the difference between dedicated and virtual servers. With G-SERVER, we are sure that for 98% of users the difference is noticed. The basis for good virtualization is hardware that needs to work effectively with software that takes care of the operation of VPS servers.

G-SERVER VPS servers work exclusively on IBM and Lenovo hardware that is known to be fast and particularly reliable.

Therefore, your VPS servers run faster than competitors and even more reliably. For basic maintenance, we take care of ourselves, as you include updated critical system functions on a monthly basis.

Why free your server for free?

First of all, it's important for us to work as smoothly as possible. Basically, users make basic optimization at the time of purchase and install a firewall to ensure basic security. However, we must be aware that server maintenance is a responsible task, and it is also in our interest that the server be secure, which positively affects the entire infrastructure.

Do you have a feeling for other suppliers that the price is rising?

We believe that you also have bad experiences and that's why you get a monthly or yearly price for G-SERVER at the same price as the first year / month of lease.

We are a larger company that needs 24 / 7 management and control over VPS servers

We are also happy to take care of larger companies, which are not small in our country. If you want our service to be available 24 / 7 with the proactive control of your systems. In the 24 / 7 proactive control, there is unlimited support and an unlimited number of server updates. In short, let's make sure your system is safe and working 24 / 7. The response times for this kind of support are within 15 minutes.

ASP Windows web hosting

G-SERVER top-notch hosting on separate servers

We all know that apples and pears do not mix well. It also applies to linux and windows-based hosting, which differ in the specifications due to certain specifications. For this purpose, we have activated .ASP servers that use the Windows environment and PLESK control panel, which ensures that your hosting is fast, secure and above all reliable. If you have leased LINUX hosting with additional lease of the Windows environment, you will not notice a significant difference. Consequently, the management of two different roaming will be exactly the same without further learning.

With G-SERVER we ensure that users receive all the necessary services in one place, and at the same time we support you with our rich experience. If the web hosting service is too small for you, we can transfer all of these services for free to a VPS server, which you can customize to your liking!

Domain registration

What is an online domain and why register it with

At, we have been trying to maintain quality online services for years, and with the trust of our customers, you contribute to the development of online services. The domain name registration itself is not at first sight anything special, but many are not aware of the responsibility that we carry directly from service providers. Your domain must first be registered with the appropriate ICANN authorized registrar, which ensures that the domain is truly safe from abuse. Upon receipt of payment to our transaction account, the system automatically registers the domain that you ordered through our user interface. This takes into account the information you have selected in conjunction with your new domain. G-SERVER takes care of the security of your data, and for this purpose, we do not issue anyone a list of web domains to a third party who uses the information for the purpose of advertising.

The prices of online domains are different, such as different online service providers. Insofar as the work is carried out professionally and uses appropriate equipment it is necessary that the company has the appropriate "cashflow". Unfortunately, low-priced providers do not offer adequate security and the processing of personal data is unfortunately costly. Choose security and care for your information. G-SERVER basically does not disclose data in the WHOIS database in accordance with the agreement of the ICANN provider under the new GPDR Act.

Web hosting

Web hosting on new PLESK servers with central management

At we have already included the third server, which is an integral part of the web hosting server. In addition to the web hosting offer at the directadmin control panel, we decided to provide users with even greater reliability and security through the PLESK control panel. The latter consists of the latest solutions for web hosting applications of joomla and wordpress. WordPress hosting has already included all the tools that make sure your website with a few clicks is properly secured and fast. Speed ​​is important when ranked on Google.

After the launch of new web hosting packages, we saw a sharp increase in orders for the aforementioned system, which is particularly popular mainly due to the advantages listed above. The competitive advantage of our systems operating on the HA platform provides users with a superior online experience.

CDN availability at packages.

With the introduction of online PLESK packages, G-SERVER has provided all users with free access to the CDN network, which is integrated into each package when the latter is activated. The CDN cloudflare network allows your content to be evenly distributed throughout the world, which in turn means better reachability. Combined with our servers on the HA platform, our hosting is a winning combination

What is HA availability?
In the event of a failure, the servers in the HA cluster are automatically moved to a functioning system without the intervention of the operator.

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